Getting VAT registered in the UK

VAT registration is the process of letting the government know that your company is active and trading.

VAT, also known as Value Added Tax is levied on goods and services provided by registered businesses in the UK, including goods or services imported from outside the UK.

All VAT registered companies will be issued a unique number called as VAT registration number. This registration number should be included on all sales invoices and is required for sales and tax procedures.

Do I need to register my business for VAT?

You must register for VAT if your taxable turnover goes past £85,000 in 12 months. This has to be done within 30 days of passing the threshold.

Within the UK, VAT is 20% on most goods so if you are selling on Amazon and eBay for example, you would need to apply this rate on your products as it’s the most common VAT rate in the UK.

Certain products have different VAT rates which could be at a reduced rate of 5% such as children’s clothes, or 0% if you’re selling books etc.

You can find VAT rates here.

What are the benefits of being VAT registered?

The benefits of getting VAT registered include:

What are my duties and responsibilities?

As a VAT registered business you become responsible for:

How do I register for VAT?

You can register for VAT through an accountant or you can go for getting VAT registered online.

If you are looking to register VAT online, you can successfully complete the registration process by following the step by step procedure.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

If you fail to do this you could face a fine so its recommended to voluntarily register for VAT before you hit that mark. By voluntarily registering for VAT it shows that you are ready to grow as business that creates a positive impression.

If you want help with getting VAT registered in the UK contact us, and we will do what is best for your business.

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