Customer invoicing for online sellers

A customer invoice is what is issued from a seller to a buyer relating to the sale of products or services rendered.

When invoicing a customer, you should first check if the customer is based in one of the EU member states. There are 28 EU member states which can be found here.

Customer invoicing for online sellers in the EU is very different to invoicing customers in the UK.

What information should be included in an invoice?

You should include the following information in the invoice that you send to your customers;

If the customer is VAT registered, you must also include:

Important points to remember while invoicing:

Here are some important points that you should always remember while invoicing your customers:

VAT moss:

Not registered for VAT:

Registered for VAT:

What currency are you being paid in for the invoice?

This is extremely important as being paid in another currency outside of your local currency can cause for your bank to charge for the conversion. This is where things can get very complicated.

But, leave it to us.

We will help you with the right solution for all your questions regarding invoicing. Whether you are VAT registered or non-VAT registered online seller – we got you covered.

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