IOSS Services For (Non-EU) e-Commerce Sellers Shipping into Europe

We help e-Commerce sellers who import goods into the EU member states, stay compliant with local VAT regulations and tax rules. From IOSS registration to regular filing and ongoing compliance we take care of everything.

Our IOSS Ser

IOSS Service For (UK and Non-EU) e-Commerce Sellers Shipping into Europe


  • Designed for low volume e-commerce sellers selling into Europe
  • All inclusive annual fee of £149 plus VAT
  • Simple, clean, basic solution for the smaller e-commerce seller
  • No setup fees or charges

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IOSS Premium

  • Designed for e-commerce sellers shipping more than 500 parcels/annum into Europe
  • Annual fixed fee regardless of number of parcels starting from just £50 per month (cheapest IOSS filing solution in the market)
  • No setup fees or charges
  • IOSS VAT calculations for all 27 EU states included
  • Dedicated account manager to assist throughout the process

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We Offer

Complete IOSS Services

IOSS VAT Registration

We will assist you with the complete IOSS registration process to help you start or continue trading in the EU.

VAT Payments

Information regarding VAT due amount, deadline and bank account details will be shared well in advance - so, you don't miss the deadline.

IOSS VAT Return Submission

We will organize your EU sales data for each country in the correct currency & file your taxes on time. We can handle all VAT sales/refunds calculation and VAT return filing to respective EU VAT authorities.

On-going VAT compliance

We cover all aspects of IOSS and help you stay VAT compliant for selling in the EU Member States. From ad-hoc VAT consultation to accurate VAT calculation to ongoing submission - we got you fully covered.

Liaison with VAT authorities

We will handle all tax related communication from VAT authorities. You will be notified of any new information or changes specific to your e-Commerce business.

Legal compliance & updates

We will help you stay informed of changes to VAT legislation in each country so you will know where your business has VAT obligation and prepare accordingly.

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We serve e-Commerce businesses of all sizes selling into the EU. Contact us to get started.


is your best choice for IOSS?


Accurate VAT accounting and filing for e-Commerce companies

We can quickly calculate all your sales and refunds from your online web stores. We will organize your EU sales data by country in the correct currency and file your taxes on time.


Transparent and realistic pricing models

Our pricing for IOSS is affordable to e-Commerce sellers of all sizes. We follow simpler terms and realistic pricing models based on market fluctuations. Our pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs


Compliant to the ever changing VAT regime

Our professionals are well experienced in dealing with cross border e-Commerce sales. We update ourselves on various legal metrics including VAT schemes, filing and various other tax obligations - so you never overpay your taxes

Are You a Non - EU based Business Selling into the EU?

Use our IOSS VAT calculation and filing services to stay compliant with local VAT regulation and tax rules. Whether you need IOSS registration or ongoing filing services or a simple VAT consultation, we got you covered.


For all e-Commerce Market Places & Webstores

Frequently asked questions

EU Import one stop shop VAT registration and filing services

What is the IOSS?

As part of the EU VAT e-Commerce package, the European Commission introduced the Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) to simplify VAT obligations on distance sales of imported goods.

With the new VAT rule as of 1 July, 2021, all goods imported into the EU from a third territory will be subjected to VAT declaration and payment irrespective of their value.

This scheme is specifically for the sale of “low value” goods (not exceeding €150) from outside the EU to buyers in the EU Member State.

What does the IOSS cover?

The IOSS covers distance sales of goods under the following scenario:

  • Dispatched or imported goods with a value not exceeding EUR 150
  • Goods imported to the EU at the time they are sold
  • Not subject to excise duties

All imported goods with a value of above EUR 150 will be subject to the usual import tax and other customs clearance procedures.

Is IOSS mandatory?

No. The IOSS registration is not mandatory to sell goods or services to buyers in the EU. But if your business is registered for the new EU VAT IOSS scheme, then you should conduct all sales to EU customers through the IOSS system.

How can I register for IOSS?

Online sellers: From 1 April 2021, businesses can register online for IOSS on any of the EU Member State. Once registered, it applies for all long-distance sales on imported goods to EU customers.

If you are a non-EU established business, then you’ll have to appoint an EU based intermediary who is registered with tax authorities in their country of origin.

What happens if I am not IOSS registered?

Online sellers and marketplaces who are not IOSS registered will have to pay VAT on imported low value goods similar to how VAT is paid on higher value goods during customs clearance. This will cause a delay in delivering goods as the customers will receive them only after VAT has been paid.

How does the IOSS scheme work?

The IOSS is of two type

Online Sellers:

IOSS registered online sellers will have to apply VAT when they sell goods destined for a consumer based in any of the EU Member States. VAT rates will be applied based on where the goods get delivered in the EU.

Facilitating marketplaces:

Facilitating marketplaces (electronic interfaces) registered for IOSS, will have to collect and pay VAT to the responsible tax authorities – instead of the actual seller collecting VAT on sales made to a buyer in the EU. VAT rates will be applied based on where the goods get delivered in the EU.