EU IOSS VAT filing & VAT registration service for online retailers & amazon sellers

We help non-EU based eCommerce sellers who import goods into the EU member states, stay compliant with local VAT regulations and tax rules. From IOSS registration to regular filing and ongoing compliance we take care of everything.

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97% satisfaction rating by customers

We were using an accounting firm to compute our ecommerce VAT taxes and I was never confident if they were calculating it correctly. I signed up with CBV and found discrepancies. CBV also helped me to reclaim the incorrectly filed taxes. I am happy to recommend them for ecommerce sellers.

Daniel Bondjeka Online Retailer Rating

VAT calculation filing used to be tedious, time consuming and error prone for us. It consumed a lot of our productive time to download reports, go through them and compute every month. Cross Border VAT has made it a breeze for us. I have the complete confidence that their numbers are accurate.

Ben Fredrick Amazon Seller Rating

I was using another large eCommerce tax specialist recommended by Amazon. They were not only charging me more, but also not responsive to my needs. Luckily, I found CBV. They are much cheaper and offer a much better customer experience. I could not ask for anything more.

Matthieu Chapelle Entrepreneur and online seller Rating

Why your business needs IOSS?

From July 1’ 2021, EU has redefined its EU eCommerce law to bring equality to its VAT collecting model. Under the new guidance, all parties coming under the aegis of a uniform taxation policy are thereby liable for taxation irrespective of the price of goods imported from outside the EU.

If you are the non-EU seller, selling goods valued up to €150, then it becomes simpler for you to register under IOSS (Import-One-Stop-Shop). The valid reasons to avail these services are:

Simplified tax payment

Declaration and remittance of tax gets simpler and better to sellers who are conducting sales in the EU

Goodbye to multiple-VAT registration

Enjoy a single IOSS VAT registration, declaration and payment. Register only in one EU member state country and deliver goods to consumer throughout the EU.

Rapid custom clearance

Avoidance of delay in customs as goods gets cleared rapidly by using a standardized IOSS number.

Unified VAT number

Get unified VAT number for selling the goods in the EU and for payment of tax.

Quality customer experience

No more unexpected VAT payments for your customers. Let your customers know how much they are going to pay at the POS and deliver a quality service to all your EU customers.

Who can avail the IOSS scheme?

The EU Import -One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) scheme is designed for non-EU based businesses importing goods into the EU. Though not mandatory, the IOSS scheme adds a number of benefits for both consumers and suppliers. The IOSS scheme is suitable for;

Our price £125/per month

Affordable IOSS VAT filing and compliance service

At CBV, we offer a low fixed price for EU IOSS VAT filing, for all online sellers, regardless of your turnover and transaction numbers. Our price for IOSS VAT filing is easily the best in the market. Whether you are looking for IOSS registration or ongoing filing services or a simple VAT consultation, we got you covered.

Why CBV is your best choice?

  • Complete peace of mind for online retailers, we take care of everything
  • Affordable price for Amazon sellers and other online sellers from across the world
  • Fixed price irrespective of your turnover/revenue or number of transactions
  • Rates for EU IOSS VAT filing easily the best in the market
  • VAT consultation with VAT experts whenever you need them

Why choose us for your IOSS?

Cost effective

Irrespective of the number of transactions/volumes of trade conducted, our pricing for IOSS is affordable to sellers of all sizes. No hidden costs, simpler terms and realistic to the market fluctuations.

Accurate VAT calculations

We deliver high quality VAT and sales tax calculation for e-Commerce sellers and online retailers for cross border transaction. On a month-on-month basis, we cross verify sales data with the country that you sell in order to ensure accuracy in VAT figures and calculations.

Compliant to the rules & regulations

With years of experience in cross border VAT and tax, we help eCommerce businesses and online retailers importing goods into the EU Member States. Our professionals are well experience in dealing with cross border sales and update ourselves on various legal metrics including VAT registration, schemes, filing and various other tax obligations.

Customer Experience

Our rapport with our customers whether buyer or seller has garnered goodwill for all the work we perform. From our pricing policies, customs clearance, VAT calculations, updated technological input, and government policies has been always catered with perfection to the end user. We are here in the business for this very habit of keeping our customer ahead of us.

Get rid of surprise VAT bills

We help you simplify the complexities of IOSS VAT declaration and payment - so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines, incurring penalties or import taxes for various EU member states.

Frequently asked questions

EU Import one stop shop VAT registration and filing services

What is the IOSS?

As part of the EU VAT eCommerce package, the European Commission introduced the Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) to simplify VAT obligations on distance sales of imported goods.

With the new VAT rule as of 1 July, 2021, all goods imported into the EU from a third territory will be subjected to VAT declaration and payment irrespective of their value.

This scheme is specifically for the sale of “low value” goods (not exceeding €150) from outside the EU to buyers in the EU Member State.

What does the IOSS cover?

The IOSS covers distance sales of goods under the following scenario:

All imported goods with a value of above EUR 150 will be subject to the usual import tax and other customs clearance procedures.

Is IOSS mandatory?

No. The IOSS registration is not mandatory to sell goods or services to buyers in the EU. But if your business is registered for the new EU VAT IOSS scheme, then you should conduct all sales to EU customers through the IOSS system.

How can I register for IOSS?

Online sellers: From 1 April 2021, businesses can register online for IOSS on any of the EU Member State. Once registered, it applies for all long-distance sales on imported goods to EU customers.

If you are a non-EU established business, then you’ll have to appoint an EU based intermediary who is registered with tax authorities in their country of origin.

What happens if I am not IOSS registered?

Online sellers and marketplaces who are not IOSS registered will have to pay VAT on imported low value goods similar to how VAT is paid on higher value goods during customs clearance. This will cause a delay in delivering goods as the customers will receive them only after VAT has been paid.

How does the IOSS scheme work?

The OSS is of two type

Online Sellers:

IOSS registered online sellers will have to apply VAT when they sell goods destined for a consumer based in any of the EU Member States. VAT rates will be applied based on where the goods get delivered in the EU.

Facilitating marketplaces:

Facilitating marketplaces (electronic interfaces) registered for IOSS, will have to collect and pay VAT to the responsible tax authorities – instead of the actual seller collecting VAT on sales made to a buyer in the EU. VAT rates will be applied based on where the goods get delivered in the EU.

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